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My Story

Thank you SO much for visiting my website!

What is Scensty? What is all the fuss about, and how can I be a part of it?! Im so glad you asked! Because I would LOVE to introduce you to it and help you decide if joining Scentsy would be a good fit for you! 

Here's my story!

I have always loved candles and scent, my husband was not a fan of me burning candles in the house, mainly due to the soot that they gave off. He purchased a hot plate for me to set my candles on. I found the warmers and wax bars at the stores and began using those, I noticed that the fragrance faded very quickly though. I was at a garage sale one summer and stumbled onto a scentsy bar (banana berry) I warmed it when I got home and was IN LOVE! I looked up Scentsy online and found out it was a direct sales company. I asked my Facebook friends if I knew anyone that sold it, and I didnt have a single consultant on my friends list! I considered joining but didn't feel confident in my selling ability. I told myself I wasn't a saleswoman, I don't know enough people, I don't have an extra $99 to buy the starter kit.

At the time, I was working full time, and I desperately wanted to stay home with my daughters. I had NO IDEA that the answer was right in front of my face! I pondered the idea of joining for an entire year, and then finally one day it just clicked, and I DID IT! I joined Scentsy! I found out very quickly that it was something I could do, and do well! I was profiting by my second party! I found out I dont need to know a lot of people, I find new people all the time whenever I have a party! Fast forward a few years and I have changed my entire way of thinking, accomplished things I never thought possible, and here I am! Working my Scentsy business FULL TIME from home, on my own time! I am able to stay home with my daughters, they help me with my business, and I get to share an AMAZING product with so many people that love it! My philosophy is to share scentsy with others the way I like products shared with me! I prefer a casual, authentic approach that does not include hounding and hassling people and offering my best customer service! If I say i will, i will. If i forget something, or make an error (My mom brain game is STRONG), I make sure to ALWAYS make it right, and pride myself on keeping my word.

*September 2014: Joined
*November 2014: Promoted to Certified consultant
*January 2015: Promoted to Lead consultant
*January 2015: Attended Spring sprint in Minneapolis, MN.
*September 2015: Promoted to Star Consultant
*March 2016: Promoted to Super Star consultant
*April 2016: First time reaching monthly sales bonus of 2000+ PRV
*September 2016: Promoted to Director with a team of 32
*January 2017: Asked to be a Site leader for West Des Moines, IA World Premier
*January 2017: Earned my first all inclusive trip for 2 to the Hard Rock hotel and resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!
*April 2017: Graduated Director Boot camp #34 At home office in Meridian, ID
*July 2017: Attended my first Scentsy family Reunion and Jason and I got to go to our FIRST Major league baseball game (Kansas City Royals!)
*January 2018: Attended World Tour in Minneapolis Mn
*July 2018: Earned an all inclusive trip for 2 Mediterranean Cruise- opted for the cash buyout and brought my husband and 4 daughters to Disneyland instead and scentsy family reunion in Anaheim California. COMPLETELY paid for by Scentsy! My girls got to meet Mickey and Goofy and play in the ocean for the first time, what an incredible week we had!
*Jan 2019, all inclusive, free trip for 2 to Cancun Mexico at the Moon Palace resort.
*July 2019: Earned a free trip to Austin, Texas for Scentsy Family reunion.
*Attended a leadership retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii with my husband.

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